Raiven helps answer the real question in healthcare – not WHO is at risk, but HOW best to treat them over time at the lowest cost. The Raiven real-time, predictive analytics platform delivers assisted decision making enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI).

The algorithms in the Raiven platform not only identify patients at risk, but they also indicate the correct sequence of treatments or interventions for that specific patient at the most reasonable cost.

The SaaS cloud-based technology links to an EHR or other population health tool, enabling use at the point of care. Since healthcare treatment is not linear and can be very complex, the algorithm learns over time and can aid providers in the navigation of patient treatment or intervention as necessary – a “GPS for Patient Care.”

The Raiven technology has been clinically proven using data from a national healthcare provider, demonstrating 40% better outcomes with a 40% reduction in cost (AI-predicted treatment vs. treatment-as-usual).

Raiven is ideal for those engaged in risk-based contracts, including accountable care organizations (ACOs) and providers in gainsharing agreements. In particular, Raiven is focused on care beyond the clinic through case management, since monitoring and improving health for complex conditions such as mental health are always ongoing and necessary.

How Does it Work?

Let’s take the example of a patient showing signs of clinical depression. She may have been identified as being “at risk” using population health software or has had repeated visits to the ER. Not only is this expensive, but she is not getting clinically better.

After an intake, establishing a baseline and defining the symptoms the patient is experiencing, the clinician must decide a course of treatment. The traditional approach is for the clinician to pick the treatment option they may have read about in scientific literature, heard at a conference, or most likely based on experiences with their typical patients in the past.

In other words, treatment choice would be based on what worked for average patients before, not the individual characteristics of the current patient. In complex medical conditions – and behavioral health in particular – often what is prescribed for the “average” patient results in poor outcomes and high costs.

With Raiven, the clinician has access to an AI tool which assists in making the optimal treatment choice(s). The tool can continue to be used by the clinician to define and revise the course of treatment to achieve the best results in the most efficient manner.