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Nashville, Tenn. and Montgomery, Ala. – March 6, 2018 – Raiven Healthcare, an artificial intelligence (AI) company providing real-time clinical treatment pathways, today announced a strategic partnership with Virtual Psych Assessment Center (VPAC).

VPAC enables behavioral health organizations to collect self-reported patient data through electronic screening tools and determine a diagnosis recommendation prior to the initial patient encounter. Raiven provides the predictive analytics after the VPAC screening and mental health diagnosis, suggesting the treatment pathway that delivers the best outcome at the optimum cost for a specific patient.

“This partnership unites two organizations with a mutual purpose to accurately diagnose and treat those suffering from mental illness,” stated Dr. Jim Stefansic, President and CEO of Raiven. “Together we are creating a data-driven technology platform that is both easy to use and provides meaningful analysis in real-time at the point of care.”

The collaboration between Raiven and VPAC is noteworthy in that there is currently no mental health platform on the market for providers that performs screening, diagnosis and optimal treatment pathways based on data. As part of the partnership, VPAC has made an equity investment in Raiven.

“We are excited to work with VPAC given their clinical expertise and understanding of mental health issues facing millions of individuals in our nation today,” said Dr. Stefansic. “With VPAC, we have found a partner that has a technology platform built to help us collect and process critical data needed to drive more meaningful, accurate machine learning decision making in healthcare.”

According to Paul Harris, President and CEO of VPAC, “Better mental health access leading to the right treatment and the best outcomes is at the forefront of everything that VPAC does. We have entered this partnership with Raiven to develop the most advanced screening, diagnosis and analytics platform in the mental health space, built on years of expertise and understanding by our combined teams.”

For further information about Raiven and VPAC, please visit and In addition, Raiven be demonstrating its artificial intelligence analytics software March 5-8 at the HIMSS Annual Conference,, in Las Vegas at booth #9900-57.


About Raiven Healthcare

Providers use the Raiven Healthcare real-time, predictive analytics platform for complex health treatments, accessing the artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help determine the clinical treatment path that will deliver the best outcome at the optimum cost for a specific patient. The company’s groundbreaking technology has increased outcomes by 40% while decreasing cost by 60%. Raiven’s solutions are ideal for those engaged in risk-based contracts, including accountable care organizations (ACOs) and providers in gainsharing agreements that require advanced algorithms to deliver actionable results that address specific problems. For more information about Raiven, visit


About VPAC

Virtual Psych Assessment Center (VPAC) specializes in digital assessment solutions for behavioral healthcare. The company’s software applications collect patient generated data and use scoring algorithms to provide recommended behavioral diagnoses. Solutions can be customized and can evaluate for more than 50 possible psychiatric conditions, including suicide and violence risk. VPAC’s goal is to facilitate better patient access, more efficient care and improved outcomes by remotely assessing patients prior to meeting with their healthcare provider. Learn more at